The Simonds family purchased Mr. Barter’s interest in the quarry and now operates it as sole owners. At the present time, Anna Quarries, Inc. and four sister companies comprise Simonds Group, Ltd.


Mr. Simonds died in 1989 leaving his part of the ownership to his family. The Simonds family continued in business with Mr. Barter until November 1992.


The quarry continued to operate as Midwest Stone Company and in December 1969 was sold to E. T. Simonds and H.H. “Sam” Barter. Mr. Simonds and Mr. Barter then continued to operate the quarry as Midwest Stone Company until 1971 when the name was changed...


Midwest Stone Company started a quarry next to Anna Quarries, Inc. and in 1964 bought out Anna Quarries, Inc. The two owners of Midwest Stone Company were Henry Barkhausen and Holbert Heal.


Mr. Rippetoe repurchased the quarry and reorganized the company. At that time the quarry took on the name of Anna Quarries, Inc.


In late 1929 or early 1930, Rippetoe resigned from the holding company and sold out his interest in the quarry to the other members of the firm.